Sunrise Toyota Tire Center on Long Island


Finding Tires for Your Toyota in Oakdale, NY is as Easy as Asking the Professionals here at Sunrise Toyota

Tires. Without them, our cars wouldn't be going anywhere. But unlike a transmission or brake warning that has people coming to the service center faster than you can say "oh, no!", it can be easy to overlook tire care.

To see if you're ready for a new set of tires, take a quarter, flip it upside down, and insert into the tread. If you can see above Washington's wig it's definitely time for a new set! If that's the case, head over to our online tire store. With our easy to use drop downs, you can find the best tires for your vehicle and see any available specials.

There is no substitute for the quality and reliability of a Toyota. So when you're looking for tire service and repair on Long Island, your best bet is to stick with the brand you know you can trust -- Toyota.

Here at Sunrise Toyota, we're proud to be able to offer specialized tire care at our Toyota tire center in Oakdale, NY. Our professional technicians have the skills, equipment, and resources to be able to swap out your vehicle's worn or damaged tires with an exact replacement. Unlike a generic tire center, our Certified Toyota Service Center has exclusive access to Toyota parts, so we can have your car running on the same tires it came with, preserving its impeccable performance and sophisticated ride.

We perform tire rotations, repairs, replacements, tread inspections, and more tire services for the many Toyota drivers in the Middle Island, Smithtown and Brentwood, NY area, and we can help maintain your Toyota's high quality and reliability when the time comes.

And every time your vehicle needs tire service is a great time to visit our dealership because we're always offering parts specials and service coupons to make maintenance and repairs more affordable for our loyal customers. Feel free to reach out to our service advisors to find out more about our tire specials and offers at 888-826-9452.

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