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Sunrise Toyota Blog

How to winterize your Toyota for the Long Island winter


As we all know here in Oakdale, NY, winter can be ruthless on our cars. Mother Nature doesn't play favorites when it comes to the make or model of your car, so even if you drive a resilient Toyota vehicle, you still need to take it into a Certified Toyota Service Center and have it inspected by one of our factory-trained technicians before winter sets in.


Winter can exasperate an existing battery, engine or brake problem, so if you've been putting off suggested repairs, now is the time to have that work done before the snow hits. Have…

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Why buy used from a new-car dealer like Sunrise Toyota

You know Sunrise Toyota as one of the new Toyota dealers on Long Island, so you may be surprised to hear that we're also a highly reputable Oakdale, NY used car dealer. We complement our new Toyota inventory with an expansive selection of pre-owned models. So, if you're in the market for used cars for sale on Long Island, you've come to the right place!


As a new Toyota dealer, we know what makes a quality used Toyota, so shopping for a pre-owned Avalon or Camry at our dealership is a smart move. Our technicians and sales…

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Why Sunrise Toyota is a hotspot for used cars on Long Island

There's a good reason why our Sunrise Toyota dealership is considered to be a one-stop shop for all automotive needs on Long Island. While we're an authorized Toyota dealership with dozens of the latest and greatest new Toyota models fresh off the factory floor, we also pride ourselves in our wide selection of used vehicles.


We have a bit of everything from an array big-name brands, including used sedans, trucks, vans, SUVs at a wide range of prices. There's something for all types of Brentwood NY, Middle Island, Islip and Smithtown area drivers on a budget -- including…

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"Why drive a midsize truck?" and other questions about the 2016 Toyota Tacoma answered

Pickup truck marketing sees a lot of Goldilocks analogies, but the 2016 Toyota Tacoma really is the "just-right" size for a truck here in Oakdale, NY. You hear a lot about the class-leading towing and torque ratings of full-size pickups and about the fuel efficiency of light-duty trucks, so what are the pros of investing in the mid-range Tacoma?


For one thing, midsize trucks tend to offer the best of both worlds -- ample towing capacity, plenty of high-tech features, and efficiency that makes it an everyday driver. What's unique to the Tacoma is the TRD Off-Road, a particularly capable…

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Watch the Toyota RAV4 gets all sorts of rugged in Moab

As your Oakdale NY RAV4 dealer, we'll be the first to say that there's a lot to love about the 2015 Toyota RAV4. Simply put, this is one well-rounded family vehicle that can keep its cool in all types of weather conditions and on all sorts of terrain.


You can opt for all-wheel drive right from the base model, which is atypical for a compact crossover. You've probably seen at least one RAV4 zipping around the Brentwood NY, Middle Island, Islip or Smithtown area just today as these family haulers are some of the most popular small…

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Why the Large Toyota Highlander is still in Charge of the Three-Row Family Crossover Class

With a chaotic schedule and rowdy kids, it's nice to have something straight-laced and no-nonsense to depend on. Even when things are at their most hectic, the 2015 Toyota Highlander stays cool, calm and connected (because it's high-tech, get it?).


This three-row family crossover received a thorough redesign last year, so the 2015 model carries on with business as usual, pampering up to eight passengers with an upscale cabin, available rear seat entertainment, a potent V6 engine, compliant ride and ample towing power.

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Sunrise Toyota welcomes the 2016 Toyota Tacoma


The midsize pickup truck segment hasn't seen much competition in recent years, but that's all changing with some new entries on the market. Good thing Toyota is poised to keep its class-leading pickup truck at the top of the stack.


The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is the model's first thorough redesign in a decade. It's getting all sorts of nips and tucks to its exterior, under the hood, in the center stack and all around the cabin. We have a feeling that a lot more Brentwood NY, Middle Island, Islip and Smithtown truck drivers are going to…

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All Toyota owners benefit from free NY State inspections at Sunrise Toyota

There's quite a bit of responsibility that comes with being a car owner. Not only do you need to keep up with your vehicle's suggested maintenance schedule and promptly address repairs but the state of New York also requires your car to undergo an annual inspection.


As an authorized Toyota service center, we at Sunrise Toyota want to ensure that each and every Toyota car, truck, van or SUV here in Oakdale, NY and the surrounding Long Island area receives this mandatory examination, so we provide free state inspections for your Toyota.

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How the 2015 Toyota Corolla is prepared for wherever life takes you

When you invest in a car, you don't know where exactly you'll go with it. Sure, you'll take it to work here on Long Island and run errands around Brentwood, Middle Island, Islip and Smithtown, drive it to holidays at your parents' house and on road trips to your favorite beach. But you don't know all of the journeys you and your new ride will share together, so you buy a vehicle that will be prepared for it all -- a car like the 2015 Toyota Corolla. Will you spend a lot of time traveling with fa…
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How the 2015 Toyota Prius can get you around Long Island more efficiently

Have you been looking to make the switch to a hybrid vehicle? Not sure of all the benefits of greener driving, especially in the congested Oakdale, NY area? Well, we'll just get right to the heart of the matter -- the 2015 Toyota Prius is pretty much the epitome of the hybrid car, thanks to a unique blend of high-tech style and fuel-conscious substance. The Prius not only offers exceptional fuel ratings, it doesn't sacrifice performance or eye-catching design in order to do so. And while you'll
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